CDLRCentre for Digital Library Research (UK)
CDLRCommittee on Local and Regional Democracy (Council of Europe)
CDLRChain Driven Live Roller (type of conveyor)
CDLRCenter for Distance Learning Research
CDLRCommittee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights
CDLRConfirming Design Layout Report
CDLRClimate Disclosure Leadership Ranking
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(1) The CDLR algorithm provides a high detection probability against clone attacks.
Compared to the tougher and potentially more dangerous demands of groups such as the CDLR, reaching a separate modus vivendi with the Shiite opposition was a small price to pay and also prevented a temporary but potentially damaging alliance between the opposition movements.
A Comparative Study Regarding a Memory Hierarchy with the CDLR SPEC 2000 Simulator, Innovations and Information Sciences and Engineering, Proceedings of the CISSE'06, Springer, pp 369-372, University of Bridgeport, USA
Features include one or two chain or chain-driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor stations per unit, flanged wheels, bus bar power supply, laser guided positioning, wireless communications and onboard programmable logic controls.
The CDLR is suitable for forgings and castings, steel plate and other heavy parts in steel service centers, as well as palletized product and big and small parts in a variety of industries.
Similarly, in the mid-1990s, the main group in the Islamist opposition to the Saudi regime, the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDLR), used its headquarters in London to disseminate its virulent attacks on the Saudi royal family through faxes, tapes and the internet.
A single assembly consists of a roll-to-roll chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor divided into individually powered zones of pre-set length.
Outside the kingdom, opposition elements such as the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights (CDLR) and the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA) may try to gain some propaganda mileage, but they are not likely to have much effect on the ground realities (see following pages).
It was in this atmosphere that the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights (CDLR) developed.
Formed in the summer of 1999, the Centre for Digital Library Research (CDLR) at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland brings together long-standing research interests in the digital information area that were previously spread across two university departments.
In chapter 4, the analysis shifts to a more organized form of opposition--the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights (CDLR) founded by Muhammed al-Mas'ari.
Equipment includes tabletop conveyors, steel and nonmetallic belt conveyors, indexing and fixturized conveyors, pallet and puck systems, mass-storage and in-line accumulators, power and free systems, part elevators, and lowerators (side-grip, blade, bucket), gravity fittings, gravity storage helicals, chain-driven live-roller conveyors (CDLR), parts storage and retrieval systems, robotic and other automated handling devices, and both synchronous and non-synchronous concepts.