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CDLSCornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation
CDLSCommunications Data Link System (US Navy)
CDLSContractor Depot Logistics Support
CDLSConfederazione Democratica Lavoratori Sammarinese
CDLSCorrugated Di-Electric Lined Surface
CDLSCentral Door Locking System
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Relazione empatica tutor-studente L'autonomia migliora l'autoapprendimento e la responsabilita L'apprendimento tra Promuovere Programmazione di "pari" e facilitante incontri tra laboratori e attivita studenti elettive CFU a scelta dello studente che prevedono la partecipazione di quattro studenti del CDL, CDLS, e due neo laureati che hanno ottenuto una nomination all'evento "Miglior tesi" anno 2008 Gap della pratica: Aumentare le Implementazione delle mancata congruenza tra competenze abilita pratiche durante lezioni frontali e gestuali prima i laboratori del pratica di tirocinio.
Therefore, we investigate optimal zero inventory production (ZIP) properties of the DDLS and CDLS models.
Because of mouth problems, hearing impairment, and developmental delay, children with CDLS often have speech delay.
Now Navy CDLS can perform its important duty -providing superior information faster to our fighting forces," said Navy Capt.
The Navy CDLS features the complete family of waveforms needed to communicate with U.
The Navy CDLS -- an extremely high-speed data link that delivers time-critical imagery and intelligence data to surface ships -- has made its first public debut at the annual Western Conference and Exposition (WEST 2004).
Developed for applications needing very high data rates and long operating ranges, the AN / USQ-167 dual-terminal CDLS offers CDL RF connection for US Navy aircraft carriers and large-deck amphibious assault vessels.
This sole source contract represents a new award that follows on from the original CDLS contract awarded to Exide Electronics Group Inc.
CDLS will enable helicopters to perform multiple simultaneous missions in support of anti-submarine warfare and other planned operations, which will greatly improve the anti-submarine warfare capability of the battle group.