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CDMA2000Code Division Multiple Access (3rd Generation cellular/radio technology)
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The year was also marked by several CDMA2000 milestones.
According to the OFTA, PCCW is permitted to offer advanced broadband CDMA2000 services starting November 20, 2008-and to begin constructing the state-of-the-art 3G network in the meantime.
With CDMA2000 1X cell phones connected to laptop PCs or personal digital assistants (PDAs) SKYLINK subscribers are able to download and forward e-mails with data-heavy attachments, browse the Internet and securely access corporate Intranet resources.
CDMA2000 is a registered trademark of the Telecommunications Industry Association.
World's fastest growing market: India's operators have been rolling-out 3G CDMA2000 1X services faster than any other market, exceeding an average of 1.
Topics discussed at the meeting included the CDMA2000 technology evolution path, infrastructure and advocacy issues, international roaming and device standards, as well as growing the CDMA2000 community.
CDMA2000 operators in the region are able to provide subscribers with services such as television, music, distance learning, remote medicine and e-government via CDMA handsets.
Developed by QUALCOMM, QChat is a next-generation push-to-talk solution designed to deliver advanced walkie-talkie services optimized for CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A wireless networks, as well as interoperability with the Nextel National Network.
The high-speed data capabilities of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO will enable KDDI customers to get the latest music, trends and information in a way that accommodates their fast-paced lifestyle.
Under the new agreement, Lucent will further increase the capacity and coverage of EVNTelecom's network in the northern provinces and also deploy a CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network, which will enable EVNTelecom to offer new mobile high-speed data services such as Internet access, e-mail and high-quality video clips of news, sports and entertainment events at speeds of up to 2.
Mobile operators that evolve their current-generation (cdmaOne(TM)) networks to CDMA2000 will have the capability to double their network's voice capacity and increase data-transmission speeds nearly 10 times.