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CDMFCommercial Data Masking Facility (IBM, used in cryptography)
CDMFCommon Data Management Facility (Urban Traffic Management)
CDMFConventional Digital Matched Filter
CDMFCommon Data Model Framework
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The CDMF, a community-based organisation promoting child development initiatives, is one of the strategic partners of the CDF.
S-HTTP provides support for several one-way hash functions, such as MD2, MD5, and SHA, secret key cryptosystems, such as DES, Triple-DES, RC2, RC4, and CDMF, and digital signature systems, such as RSA and DSS.
The authors appreciate the support of the Brazilian research financing institutions: CAPES/PROCAD: 2013/2998/2014; CNPq 485518/2013-9; CNPq 307054/2015-2; FAPESP CDMF 2013/07296-2.