CDMIColor Doppler Myocardial Imaging
CDMICoalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images (South Korea)
CDMICommercial Driving Mechanical Institute (Midland, Michigan)
CDMICell Density Migration Index
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(b) The CDMI scores of the TNBS control group and curcumin treatment groups with indicated doses.
Developing jobs involving interpersonal interactions: Human career decision making indicator (CDMI).
Michael's, in partnership with Baxter Corporation, began the Chronic Disease Management Initiative (CDMI).
CDMI is the first industry-developed open standard specifically for data storage as a service.
Two-dimensional CDMI data for longitudinal function were recorded from the LV septum and lateral wall using standard apical four-chamber view.
The computed CDMI was re-coded again into 5 categories that is very low, low, moderate, high and very high for ranges for 'less than 0.3', '0.3 to 0.39', '0.4 to 0.49', '0.5 to 0.59', and '0.6 or above', respectively.
The mechanical studies inferred that the incorporation of CDMI into epoxy resin improved the impact strength with a slight increase in the values of tensile and flexural strength, whereas the incorporation of organophilic clay increased the storage modulus and stress-strain properties to an appreciable extent according to its percentage content, along with an improvement in impact strength.
The variable CDM Incidence (CDMI) will get a value of 0 if there is not CDM activity among the countries and a value of 1 if the number of CDM projects is greater than 0.
According to Geoffrey Peters, president and managing director at Crofton, Md.-based Creative Direct Marketing International (CDMI), using a different medium to renew lapsed donors from the one used to acquire them the first time is becoming more and more commonplace throughout the sector.
Earlier this year the trust was rated joint first in nationalNHS trust rankings, known as the Clinical Digital Maturity Index (CDMI), this looks at the work the trust has carried out to improve the way it uses technology in patient care.
Total carcass gains (TCG), average carcass gains (ACG), carcass per dry matter intake (CDMI) and carcass transformation efficiency gain (CTE) were calculated from ADG, DMI, and hot carcass weight (HCW) data.