CDMIColor Doppler Myocardial Imaging
CDMICoalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images (South Korea)
CDMICommercial Driving Mechanical Institute (Midland, Michigan)
CDMICell Density Migration Index
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The focus of this poster discusses the impact of CDMI increasing the utilization of home-based dialysis therapies where medically appropriate.
The CDMI specification is a way to create an interface for accessing data in the cloud by preserving metadata about information that an enterprise stores in the cloud.
Based on a RESTful HTTP protocol, CDMI provides both a data path and control path for cloud storage and standardises a common interoperable format for securely moving data and its associated data requirements from cloud to cloud.
32) determined in their study performed on 24 noncardiac patients under anesthesia that CDMI parameters they obtained from the LV septal, lateral and inferior walls were useful in the evaluation of global LV systolic and diastolic functions.
The computed CDMI was re-coded again into 5 categories that is very low, low, moderate, high and very high for ranges for 'less than 0.
We were custom built for Barefoot Cellars before they were acquired by Gallo," says Michael Houlihan, president of CDMI.
Decisions as to which systems will be used are still being determined, with Gallo running tests on the CDMI software.
In 2002, total expenditures for orthopaedic medical technology were estimated at $10 billion to $12 billion, according to the CDMI proposal.
In time, we expect to replace the CDMI project with more profitable business.
Over the past three years, SNIA has evolved its CDMI plugfest efforts into a cross-industry cloud standards program, named as the Cloud Plugfest Series.
OTCBB: GAMN) today announced that a Letter of Intent was signed between CDMI Productions Inc.
The Letter of Intent contemplates, among other things, that upon completion of the merger and related transactions the surviving corporation will issue a total of 4,619,689 shares to its principal stockholder and to a CDMI affiliate, and that Gamogen will have $300,000 in cash (less expenses for completing these transactions).