CDMPClimate Database Modernization Program (National Climatic Data Center, NOAA)
CDMPCartilage-Derived Morphogenetic Protein
CDMPCertified Disability Management Professional
CDMPCommunity Development and Management Plan (US Army)
CDMPComprehensive Disaster Management Program (Bangladesh)
CDMPCertified Data Management Professional
CDMPCompliant Documentation Management Program
CDMPClinical Documentation Management Program
CDMPComprehensive Diabetes Management Program (online healthcare management tool)
CDMPCargo 2000 Data Management Platform (air freight industry)
CDMPCode Division Multiplexed Pilot
CDMPConsumer Decision Making Process
CDMPConfiguration and Data Management Procedures
CDMPColor Device Model Profile
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The Ifmas that will be taken back, he added, will be awarded to other agricultural corporations willing and able to comply with the CDMP.
Influence measures how easily the actor can shape the outcome of the CDMP, if fully motivated.
Participants completed paper-and-pencil versions of the RS-14, CDMP, and CDDQ and a demographic information form.
In the current CDMP, the Kahnawa'kehro:non Ratitsenhaienhs have distinct roles to play in the development of Type I, Type II, and Urgent legislation.
GMH also won approval to develop the CDMP for Fort Hamilton, in Brooklyn, N.
More recent RFQ's state that the FAR applies only to phase one of each project, which is when the selected developer works with the Army to create a CDMP.
In Jamaica, the CDMP supported a multi-hazard assessment of the effects of hurricanes, landslides, and earthquakes on the Kingston metropolitan area.
Operating on the principle of sustainable forest management, the CDMP details every facet and stage of forest management that an Ifma holder should implement, as it establishes tree plantations while protecting and enhancing the remaining forest cover within the concession area.
Deposits and Guarantees required: All the certificates and vouchers provided for in Articles 43 to 47 of CDMP.
2010) proposed an alternative approach, the CDMP, in which 12 dimensions are used to characterize the ways individuals make career decisions.
Upon project award, the selected partner crafts a CDMP that sets forth the terms of the developer's long-term relationship with the Army.
The screens have been developed to exploit the proprietary API GT2 and protocol owner CDMP communication which our core systems are only compatible.