CDMQCommercially Developed Military-Qualified
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The CDMQ approach, developed in the early 2000 timeframe, really defines the way Flir develops its products and technologies for its customer base, and it is becoming particularly important these days looking at what is going on with defense spending" Mr.
Teich: "first, they get a soluti on that has been developed for broad base customers so wh en they deploy it in their own field they can look for references around the world and get feedbacks, second, they do not need to use procurement dollars to fund R&D for somebody else's, and third, those solutions being deployed globally they can also be supported globally" According to the new Boss, the number one factor for having a global support is to have a sufficient number of systems deployed in the countries around the world, and this is a consequence of the CDMQ approach where common core elements are used in many different systems.
The CDMQ model also applies to vehicle applications.