CDMRPCongressionally Directed Medical Research Program
CDMRPCalifornia Disaster Medical Response Plan
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Recognized for our unique collaborations with scientists, clinicians, consumers, and the military, the CDMRP is a subordinate command of the United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Department of Defense (http://cdmrp.
He visited Senator John Sununu (NH) to urge his support for a $15 million appropriation within the Defense Department's CDMRP.
CDMRP awarded a collaborative grant to Nitin Karandikar, MBBS, MD, PhD, whose field is immunology, and Qing "Richard" Lu, PhD (University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), who is a developmental biologist, to investigate the biological mechanics of repair and develop an effective therapy that will allow repair to go forward.
CSRA will also provide logistics support and maintain CDMRPs electronic application portal, known as eBRAP.
The CDMRP funding process involves a review of applications by panels made up of 12 scientists and clinicians, who are subject matter experts, and three people with MS, or "consumers.
A few years ago, who in the MS movement even knew what CDMRP was, let alone that it could help?
SRA fully shares this mission and we are proud that CDMRP will allow us to continue this partnership," said SRA Health Programs Vice President Paul Nedzbala.
If you have difficulty accessing the full announcement electronically, please contact: CDMRP Help Desk Phone: 301-682-5507 Email: help@eBRAP.
Clinical trials of the investigational drugs are being conducted through the PCF-funded Clinical Therapy Consortium in partnership with the Department of Defense CDMRP for prostate cancer.
For more information regarding the CDMRP grant, visit the program's web site at http://cdmrp.