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CDMSClinical Data Management System
CDMSCryogenic Dark Matter Search
CDMSCertified Disability Management Specialist
CDMSCertification of Disability Management Specialists
CDMSClimate Data Management System
CDMSCommunication Driver Maintenance System (ISDN)
CDMSCommand and Data Management System (NASA)
CDMSCommand and Data Management Subsystem
CDMSConfiguration Data Management System
CDMSContract Data Management System
CDMSCryospheric Data Management System
CDMSContinuous Deformation Monitoring System
CDMSComputer-aided-design Data Management System
CDMSCorporate Document Management System
CDMSCentral Data Management System
CDMSCentraal DRIP Management Systeem (Dutch traffic management)
CDMSCarpet Dealer Management System (Sicklerville, NJ)
CDMSCost Development Management System
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3 November 2014 - UK identity intelligence solutions provider GB Group Plc (LON:GBG) said on Monday that it had closed the purchase of billing and payment solution specialist CDMS Limited (d/b/a Transactis) for at total of GBP6m (USD9.
CDMS physicist Enectali Figueroa Feliciano of MIT joins Gaitskell in remaining cautious about the new data.
Findings from a planned interim analysis showed that treatment reduced the risk of CDMS by 44% versus placebo and delayed disease progression by 722 days vs.
The CDMS II observatory is located a half-mile underground beneath rock that blocks most particles, such as those accompanying cosmic rays.
CDMS was an in-house print and mail operation at Speke-based Shop Direct before it was spun out in 2008.
Ian Hubbard of CDMS said the study provided a valuable insight into the fitness habits of the UK population and helped identify where resources would be best spent.
Ian Hubbard of CDMS said: "This analysis shows a stark contrast between usage of rolling credit card debt compared with the southern swathe".
A CDMS spokesman said: "Northern cities show highest levels of 'credit cruisers' - people who never pay off their credit card debt at the end of each month.
CDMS tested the 200 firms and found 69 per cent were compliant, up three per cent on 2005.
CDMS tested the 200 firms and found 69% were compliant, up 3% on 2005.
CDMS Ltd, trading as Transactis, specialises in aggregating customer transactional data and delivery of anti-fraud services to clients from the private and public sectors in the UK.