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CDMSClinical Data Management System
CDMSCryogenic Dark Matter Search
CDMSCertified Disability Management Specialist
CDMSCertification of Disability Management Specialists
CDMSClimate Data Management System
CDMSCommunication Driver Maintenance System (ISDN)
CDMSCommand and Data Management System (NASA)
CDMSCommand and Data Management Subsystem
CDMSConfiguration Data Management System
CDMSContract Data Management System
CDMSCryospheric Data Management System
CDMSContinuous Deformation Monitoring System
CDMSComputer-aided-design Data Management System
CDMSCorporate Document Management System
CDMSCentral Data Management System
CDMSCentraal DRIP Management Systeem (Dutch traffic management)
CDMSCarpet Dealer Management System (Sicklerville, NJ)
CDMSCost Development Management System
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Other experiments have claimed to find signals at masses similar to this latest CDMS calculation but have not definitively said they have observed WIMPs.
Alan Yan, CEO of AdChina which is the co-organizer of CDMS, stated in the opening speech that, "From the first CDMS to today, China's digital media industry has experienced many significant changes.
Major Finding: CDMS occurred in significantly fewer patients who underwent early treatment with glatiramer acetate (33%) than in those who delayed treatment until 3 years later with the drug (40%).
The CDMS II observatory is located a half-mile underground beneath rock that blocks most particles, such as those accompanying cosmic rays.
CDMS benefits considerably from our service-based model since they need to provide a range of imaging procedures for healthcare providers at multiple locations including hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.
CDMS signed the deal, understood to be worth several million pounds, with the Shop Direct Group after lengthy negotiations.
CDMS tested the 200 firms and found 69 per cent were compliant, up three per cent on 2005.
CDMS tested the 200 firms and found 69% were compliant, up 3% on 2005.
Ian Hubbard of CDMS said: "This analysis shows a stark contrast between usage of rolling credit card debt compared with the southern swathe".
Ian Hubbard, of CDMS, said: "This analysis shows a stark contrast between usage of rolling credit card debt in the more northern parts of the UK, compared with the southern swathe.