CDMSCCertification of Disability Management Specialists Commission
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One of the key players on the workplace productivity team, according to CDMSC research, is the disability manager, who is already involved in disability ease management, prevention and workplace intervention.
Disability management is defined by CDMSC as "the practice of providing preventive and remedial services to minimize the impact and cost of disability and to enhance productivity" (CDMSC, 1996).
In response, the CRCC, CDMSC, and CCMC have combined to certify more than 30,000 rehabilitation practitioners working in the full spectrum of disability and health care services in both the public and private sectors.
CDMSC, a nationally accredited organization that certifies disability management specialists who meet educational and job-experience standards, believes that return-to-work programs should be run by qualified and certified disability managers who serve as liaisons with the worker, the employer, human resources, and the physician.
Rheta Baron King, past chair of the CDMSC and a California-based consultant on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues, says she's had clients come to her after the fact.