CDMSECareer Decision-Making Self-Efficacy
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Some researchers have found that, as contextual variables, career-related activities (e.g., social support) can influence the sense of CDMSE of job applicants (Zikic & Saks, 2009), such that CDMSE has a positive correlation with social support (Vertsberger & Gati, 2015).
The mean CDMSE score was 3.74 out of a possible 5.0, suggesting that these elite athletes felt moderately confident in their ability to make career related decisions.
Construct validity of the Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Scale and the relationship of CDMSE to vocational indecision.
We measured CDMSE with the Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Scale (CDMSES, Chinese version, Peng & Long, 2001).
On the overall CDMSE, there was no significant main effect of counseling intervention (p > .05).
The CDMSE is a 12-item subscale that measures career decision-making efficacy.
CDMSE refers to a person's belief that she or he can successfully perform the tasks involved in choosing a career.
(CDMSE; Betz, Klein, & Taylor, 1996; Betz & Luzzo, 1996) can be