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CDMTCadre de Dépenses À Moyen Terme (French: Expenditure Framework Medium Term; finance)
CDMTCentre de Droit Maritime et des Transports (French: Centre for Maritime Law and Transportation)
CDMTCentrale Démocratique Martiniquaise des Travailleurs (French: Central Martinique Democratic Workers; trade union; Martinique)
CDMTCareer Decision-Making Tool (US Department of Education)
CDMTCustom Distribution Mastering Toolkit (programming)
CDMTCalifornia Diagnostic Mathematics Test
CDMTComputer Display Maintenance Technician (operates and troubleshoots computers aboard AWACS)
CDMTContact-Dependent Metabolite Transfer (biology)
CDMTC.D. Models and Talent (Charleston, SC; est. 1997)
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The CDMT helps high school students plan for their futures by showing them how to make good decisions about education and careers.
CdMT is preferentially taken up by the kidney, and the MT is catabolized by lysosomes, releasing the free [Cd.sup.+2] ion.
Es sabido que la nefrotoxicidad inducida por cadmio es causada por un complejo cadmio-metalotioneina (CdMT).
Tenders are invited for Purchase of CDMT Lamp 150 watt.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Cdmt Lamp With Led Light In Connection With Annual repair and Maintainance Operation Zonal Anthropological Museum At B.
speaker (U type Bracket) ,S & E 70 W CDMT Lamp ,S & E Ballast 70 W CDMT Lamp etc.,
Tenders are invited for Material Supply (Cdmt Lamp & Ignotir) For M & R Work For Street Light Of Central Vista At Gandhinagar City
Lot 1 - low pressure sodium (sox) lamps, lot 2 - high pressure sodium long life (son) lamps, lot 3 - metal halide (cdmt, cdmtd, hpit, cdott) lamps, lot 4 - cosmopolis (cpotw) lamps and lot 5 - compact fluorescent (pll) lamps.