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CDMTCadre de Dépenses À Moyen Terme (French: Expenditure Framework Medium Term; finance)
CDMTCentre de Droit Maritime et des Transports (French: Centre for Maritime Law and Transportation)
CDMTCentrale Démocratique Martiniquaise des Travailleurs (French: Central Martinique Democratic Workers; trade union; Martinique)
CDMTCareer Decision-Making Tool (US Department of Education)
CDMTCustom Distribution Mastering Toolkit (programming)
CDMTCalifornia Diagnostic Mathematics Test
CDMTComputer Display Maintenance Technician (operates and troubleshoots computers aboard AWACS)
CDMTC.D. Models and Talent (Charleston, SC; est. 1997)
CDMTContact-Dependent Metabolite Transfer (biology)
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In addition, FSU developed three storylines, each told by a typical high school student, to accompany the CDMT narrative.
FSU researchers hope that students will be able to relate to at least one of the guides as they use the CDMT.
DTI incorporated the guides' stories into the CDMT with screen icons that lead to pop-up windows where Marcus, Maria or Robert tell their story at each step.
CuMT-II appears to have evolved prior to the CdMTs in view of its greater similarity to molluscan MTs rather than other crustacean MTs.