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sup][5] The awareness statuses of the disease name and of strategies for the prevention of CDND in all surveyed veterans, those with CDND, and those without CDND were significantly worse than those with CCD such as hypertension.
Excluding AD, the rates of the use of the word of mouth for CDND were 56.
This study demonstrated that the chronic disease awareness status among elderly veterans with or without chronic diseases was relatively good, but the awareness status of strategies for the prevention of CDND was far lower than that of CCD.
Although the prevalence of CDND was lower than that of CCD, CDND are the primary chronic disabling diseases in the elderly population, resulting in the heaviest disease burden, including huge costs.
Compared with CCD, the role of health care professionals in the dissemination of information about CDND was significantly lacking, and this weakness should be strengthened.
sup][3],[4],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14] The awareness status for CDND was worse than that for hypertension regardless of the economic development level.