CDNHCollege Democrats of New Hampshire
CDNHCalcium-Dependent Adhesion Protein, Neuronal
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Rajan et al.30 in 2007 reported a novel punch and graft technique for management of CDNH. A punch biopsy instrument is used, the diameter of which is such that the lesion is encompassed by the punch.
Affleck, however, strongly proposes that full wedge excision of CDNH is often unnecessary and should be avoided in favor of more conservative excision.28
CDNH presents as an exquisitely painful nodule, usually on the helix or antihelix.
The Special Adviser to the Secretary General on Myanmar identifies the establishment of the Center for Diversity and National Harmony (CDNH) as an important enabler of the peace process in the country and approached UNOPS to implement this project.
Lo que a la CDNH no se le permitio, fue el acceso a la averiguacion previa.
CUERNAVACA, MOR.- Frente a la sorpresiva y sin precedente "recomendacion" de la Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos (CDNH) al Congreso del estado --?un paso en falso de la ombudsman Mireille Rocatti?--, el gobernador de Morelos, Jorge Carrillo Olea, se defiende y acusa: "Es una amenaza y una advertencia nacional.