CDNNCyber Diver News Network
CDNNCultural Diversity Network North (UK; est. 2003)
CDNNContext Dependent Neural Network for Continuous Speech Recognition (publication)
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I bought an Eagle Industries 29" Discreet Rifle Case from CDNN, and while I wasn't sure if I'd like it, Eagle Industries has always made excellent stuff.
Convertir en hechos las aspiraciones de La CDNN, representa una posibilidad para ninos y ninas que puede hacerse tangible a traves de su inclusion en los espacios de la vida social, teniendolos en cuenta como actores con propuestas, en una posicion que supere los procesos socializadores desde una concepcion pasiva y de recepcion, y que se integre a una vision de protagonismo en los contextos en que viven y a los que contribuyen con su interpretacion de las realidades sociales.
I would need some type of optical sight for this project, and CDNN is my source for budget-priced optics.
Once again, CDNN Sports is your buddy for such stuff as that.
Most AR magazines are made from aluminum, but I wanted to try a steel-body magazine, so I ordered a FN brand steel body magazine from SGN advertiser CDNN Sports for $12.
99 part was bought from CDNN and installs simply by driving out a roll pin and substituting the new release.
Admitting you have a problem is said to be the first step and the perennial SGN denizen CDNN Sports exemplifies my personal addiction.