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CDOCagayan de Oro (Philippines)
CDOCollaboration Data Objects (Microsoft)
CDOCollateralized Debt Obligation
CDOChief Digital Officer (various organizations)
CDOChief Data Officer (various companies)
CDOCompagnia Delle Opere
CDOChief Development Officer (corporate title)
CDOCareer Development Opportunities (various organizations)
CDOCommon Data Object
CDOCollaborative Data Object
CDOClear Data Overrun
CDOChief District Officer (Nepal)
CDOContinuous Descent Operation (various locations)
CDOCentral Dense Overcast (meteorology)
CDOCommand Duty Officer
CDOChild Development Organization (Pakistan)
CDOConseil des Ombres (French: Shadow Council; gaming)
CDOCommunity Development Organization
CDOCommunity Dial Office
CDOCommunity Development Office
CDOCentrale des Opticiens (French: Central Opticians)
CDOChromosome Deletion Outreach, Inc
CDOCare Delivery Organization (healthcare)
CDOControlled Decomposition/Oxidation
CDOCompulsive Disorder of Obsessiveness
CDOCapital Defender Office
CDOCompressed Day Off (various organizations)
CDOCentre de Danses Orientales (French: Oriental Dance Center)
CDOCome da Oggetto (Italian: As Per Subject)
CDOClergy Deployment Office(r)
CDOControlling DoD (Department of Defense) Office (US DoD)
CDOCentral Dispatching Organization
CDOCommunications Duty Officer
CDOCentral Documentation Office
CDOCivil Defense Office
CDOCarbon Doped silicon Oxide
CDOCentral Disbursing Officer
CDOChild Development Officer
CDOChicago District Office
CDOChief Disciplinary Officer (prisons)
CDOCorneodermatoosseous Syndrome
CDOCustomer Direct Order
CDOCommercial Development Office
CDOConstruction Development/Design Office
CDOChange Design Order
CDOCommunity Development Organizer
CDOControl Document Officer
CDOConsent Dismissal Order (Canadian courts)
CDOContested & Degraded Operations (US Air Force)
CDOConstrained Distortion Optimal
CDOChange Data Order
CDOClassified Documents Officer
CDOCoaxial Digital Output
CDOCommunity Development Outline
CDOCallable Debt Obligation
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When tasked with creating a product, the CDO should plan the D&A platform first, then define the release plan and roadmap.
'The Pollution Adjudication Board saw that there is indeed a prima facie evidence that Agumil Philippines 'has discharged pollutants that constitute immediate threat to life, and public health, safety, and welfare,' hence the immediate issuance and implementation of the CDO,' EMB-Mimaropa Regional Director Drake Matias said.
'Since they have not conformed yet to the requirements, the CDO stays,' he added.
Class H is fully covered by principal cash and CRE CDO collateral rated 'BBsf' while class J is covered by collateral rated 'CCCsf' and higher.
AirAsia now flies to CDO fro Manila, Cebu, Clark and Iloilo.
The CDO is focused on taking data and turning it into a corporate asset to drive business growth.
The latest South Korean bank to create a CDO is Nonghyup Financial Group.
Every one out of ten companies in the US would hire a CDO by 2016, claimed a media report adding that in India, that number would be double in India.
We have recently reported the synthesis of ZnO and CdO nanoparticles using bis(2-hydroxy-1- naphthaldehydato)zinc(II) and cadmium(II) complexes via thermal decomposition technique using trioctylphosphine oxide as a capping agent.
In the middle of things the CDO has the more operational D&I, or diversity and inclusion, matters: there are trainings to conduct, workshops to host, conferences to attend.
For example, many life insurance companies invest both in whole loans for which they hold the mortgage note (and which appear in MBA's data under the category of life insurance companies) and in CMBS, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and other asset-backed securities (ABS) for which the security issuers and trustees hold the note (and which appear in the data under CMBS, CDO and other ABS issues).
In particular, there is a great interest in the pressure induced structural phase transition and metallization of the group II-VI compound cadmium oxide (CdO).