CDOHColorado Division of Housing (Denver, CO)
CDOHColorado Department of Health
CDOHCalifornia Department of Health Services (reorganized into Department of Health Care Services and Department of Public Health)
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[Cd.sup.2+] = [[Cd.sup.2+] ]{1 + [C[O.sub.3.sup.2-]][(K(CdC[O.sub.3])).sup.-1] + [HC[O.sub.3.sup.-]][(K(CdHC[O.sub.3])).sup.-1] + [S[O.sub.4.sup.2-]][(K(CdS[O.sub.4])).sup.-1] + [[Cl.sup.-]][(K(CdCl)).sup.-1] + [[OH.sup.-]][(K(CdOH)).sup.-1]}.
p[K.sup.0] (CdCl) = 2.05, p[K.sup.0] (CdOH) = 6.08.
Following the success of Priorities '95, the CDOH initiated another project in 1999 to address the issue of air quality Columbus meets the Ambient Air Quality Standards outlined in the federal Clean Air Act, but continuing growth and the possibility of tighter standards suggest that the city may fall out of compliance soon.