CDOMChromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter
CDOMColored Dissolved Organic Matter
CDOMCumulative Days on Market (real estate)
CDOMCentro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano (Spanish, Mexican government agency sponsoring olympic participation)
CDOMCatholic Diocese of Memphis (Memphis, TN)
CDOMContinuous Days on Market (real estate)
CDOMCommission Départementale des Objets Mobiliers
CDOMCertified Data center Operations Manager
CDOMClube Desportivos Dos Olivais E Moscavide (Portuguese sports club)
CDOMChemical Demilitarization Operation Manual
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CDOM, shallow bottom) because this product is centered at 667, 678 and 748 nm, which increases its correlation with measurements of in situ Chl-a (e.
donde los subindices w, [fi], d, y g se refieren al agua, al fitoplancton, al detritus y al CDOM, observando que g significa gelbstoff.
The nature of the bays is often influenced by the inflow of rivers that bring along large quantities of CDOM.
1) is located just at the river mouth where the water should contain large amounts of CDOM.
Chlorophyll and CDOM exhibit very tightly coupled seasonal co-variations, suggesting that seasonal variations in sea surface chlorophyll might not reflect true biomass variations.
Although lake ice captures a very small fraction of dissolved matter from the parent water, in humic lakes CDOM content can become significant.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), CDOM, Room 5319, 540 Gaither Rd.
Sunlight degrades cDOM, and this degradation is more extensive for shallow MLDs, yielding in the PSO an inverse relationship between cDOM and SST (Nelson and Siegel 2013) that may be mistakenly attributed to Chla changes (Siegel et al.