CDORColorado Department of Revenue
CDORCalifornia Department of Rehabilitation
CDORCanadian Dollar Offered Rate
CDORCenter for Data and Outcomes Research
CDORCertificate of Deposit Offered Rate
CDORCenter for Disaster Operations and Response (Iowa Department of Public Health)
CDORCanadian Deposit Offered Rate
CDORCommand/Data Out Register
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The suit claims that the banks conspired to keep CDOR rates low by intentionally quoting lower rates, which benefitted their business plans.
261 percent per annum until April 11, 2017, and thereafter at a floating rate equal to the rate on three-month CDOR plus 1.
979% until 8 July 2016 and a floating rate equal to the three-month CDOR plus 1.
The Debentures bear interest at a rate equal to 3-Month CDOR plus 170 basis points, payable quarterly in arrears, and will mature on January 9, 2017.
The Company has access to a first lien revolving credit facility (the "Revolving Facility") of $50 million, which bears interest at CDOR or LIBOR plus 4.
Richmont said the credit facility is subject to an interest rate of CDOR plus 700 basis points, and may be prepaid, fully or in part, any moment without penalty, subject to standard break costs.
Price guidance for the planned CAD300m, 10-year issue is 154 basis points over the relevant Government of Canada benchmark curve, while guidance for the CAD100m, three-year offering is about 60 basis points over the Canadian dealer offered rate, or CDOR.
5 million and all amounts drawn will bear interest at a variable rate equal to 500 basis points over 3 month CDOR Rate.
The term loans mature 13 May 2021 and bear interest at LIBOR and CDOR for the USD and CAD loans, respectively, plus 95 basis points.
Additionally, the term loans bear interest at LIBOR and CDOR for the USD and CAD loans, respectively, plus 95 basis points and matures on 13 May 2021.