CDPACopyright, Designs and Patents Act (UK)
CDPACopyright Designs and Patents Act
CDPACalifornia Disabled Persons Act (equal access law)
CDPACalled Party Address
CDPACapture Division Packet Access
CDPAChronic Disease Prevention Alliance (Canada)
CDPACalifornia Department of Personnel Administration
CDPACanadian Deafened Persons Association
CDPAComité Départementale de Prévention de l'Alcoolisme (French: Departmental Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism)
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'Sculpture' is not defined in CDPA 1988, but it is stated that copyright subsists "irrespective of artistic quality".
While its moral rights protection is not nearly as vast as the French IP Code, the CDPA recognizes two moral rights--the right of attribution and right of integrity--that subsist for the same duration as the author's economic rights.
For the experimental validation, the LFM signal is used as input e of half-bridge CDPA, whose center frequency is 30 kHz, amplitude is 8.5 V, bandwidth is 4 kHz, and training data length is 2.0 ms.
Klaenhammer, "Identification and phenotypic characterization of the cell-division protein CdpA," Gene, vol.
The judicial comments in IceTV direct attention to UK copyright law, and especially the present Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (UK) c 48 ('CDPA').
BT is contesting the claim for an injunction, arguing that there is no jurisdiction for the court to make the order sought against it under the CDPA.
The CDPA 1988 only provides a piecemeal legislative response to the challenge that such contracts pose.
Political parties: Rassemblement du Peuple Togolais (RPT); Union des Forces de Changement (UFC); Comite d'action pour le Renouveau (CAR), Pan-African Patriotic Convergence Party (CPP), Democratic Convention of the African People (CDPA).