CDPEAConstruction Durable et Performance Energétique en Aquitaine (French: Sustainable Construction and Energy Performance in Aquitaine)
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Mean MIC is decreasing from PEA to CDPEA which attributes to the higher biological activity of CDPEA with respect to PEA and DPEA.
Minimum inhibitory concentrations (90%) of PEA, DPEA, and CDPEA against various Candida isolates.
Characterization of PEA, DPEA, and CDPEA. Characteristics PEA DPEA CDPEA Saponification value (mg KOH [g.sup.-1] oil) 139 131 129 Hydroxyl value (mg KOH [g.sup.-1] oil) 177 142 139 Iodine value (g iodine/100 g oil) 38 20 19 Specific gravity .918 .921 0.923 Viscocity (centipoise) - .582 0.590 Solubility Test
The higher values of specific gravity and inherent viscosity of CDPEA indicate the higher cross-linking per unit chain length and molecular size of the CDPEA.
It can be concluded that CDPEA is thermally stable.
TG curve of metal-containing polymer CDPEA indicates 2794% weight loss at 78.6[degrees]C which is attributed to entrapped solvent, 75.71% weight loss at 435.9[degrees]C is attributed to amide linkage, and 86.15% weight loss at 702.4[degrees]C is attributed to the degradation of remaining polymeric units.
The detection limit for cobalt in CDPEA was found to be 4.326 mg [I.sup.-1].