CDPEAConstruction Durable et Performance Energétique en Aquitaine (French: Sustainable Construction and Energy Performance in Aquitaine)
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Characteristics PEA DPEA CDPEA Saponification value (mg KOH [g.
Solubility test of PEA, DPEA, and CDPEA with various solvents.
Mean MIC is decreasing from PEA to CDPEA which attributes to the higher biological activity of CDPEA with respect to PEA and DPEA.
Minimum inhibitory concentrations (90%) of PEA, DPEA, and CDPEA against various Candida isolates.
Figure 8a--c shows the killing activity of PEA, DPEA, and CDPEA against C.
72), whereas the cells in the presence of PEA, DPEA, and CDPEA show increase in internal acidification.