CDPGCloud Data Protection Gateway (software)
CDPGCurriculum Development Process Guide (University of Central Arkansas; Conway, AR)
CDPGChallenger Diversified Property Group (Australia)
CDPGCentral DuPage Physician Group (Winfield, IL)
CDPGCombat Developments Planning Group
CDPGCentrifugation on Discontinuous Percoll Gradients (reproduction)
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The development of the newly designed 'cell factories' will be used for the production of three extremolytes, cyclic 2,3 di-phosphoglycerate (cDPG), di-myo-1,1'-inositol-phosphate (DIP) and mannosylglycerate (MG).
The first trial with aromatase inhibitors was performed in boys with CDPG with apparently promising results (81,82) and, afterwards in children with ISS alone (83) or in combination with GH (84,85).
CDPG accounts for pubertal delay in two third of boys and one third of girls (6).