CDPHEColorado Department of Public Health and Environment
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A group called Rocky Flats Down-winders question that CDPHE report and in an open letter published on their web site, ask that the department do a more thorough job of testing residents who lived near Rocky Flats during the time of operation and/or cleanup.
The CDPHE is monitoring use patterns based on population surveys and looking at trends post-legalization.
The CDPHE specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations, or conclusions.
The COSAB has also transitioned from being a voluntary task force of the CDPHE's Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program umbrella to a partner with the CDPHE as a separate nonprofit entity.
As a result of this investigation, CDPHE has now implemented patient interviews as a routine part of NDM-producing CRE case investigations to assist in determining possible risk factors and epidemiologic links.
By contrast, Jennifer Opelia of CDPHE said Cotter should be commended for its work at the site during her report to the meeting.
According to the Post, the seven-county Denver metro area has met federal air quality standards for fine particles, carbon monoxide and ozone, and CDPHE believes that emission tests are no longer necessary due to improved automobile technology and the increased use of cleaner-burning fuels.
While the process state and federal agencies abide by through cleaning up the site are lengthy and complex, Mike Stiehl, CAG member and former Fremont County commissioner, said he is proud of CDPHE and EPA for working together, adding that it likely will save time in the long run.
CDPHE and the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment (WCDPHE) investigated to 1) determine whether these cases represented a larger outbreak, 2) identify common exposure sources, and 3) stop transmission.
All laboratory results were reported to CDPHE and forwarded to TCHD.
HCMWS keeps their customers fully CDPHE compliant with "cradle to grave" tracking.
EPA and CDPHE officials have said it's too early to discuss details of any remedy because the EPA and CDPHE would have to conduct a remediation investigation and a feasibility study.