CDPKCalcium Dependent Protein Kinase
CDPKCalmodulin Domain Protein Kinase
CDPKCalmodulin-Independent Protein Kinase (molecular biology)
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Other secondary messengers are also induced by salt stress, for example, expression of calcium-dependent proteins kinases (CDPK) (Boudsocq and Sheen, 2013) and calcinearin B-like proteins (CBLs) with CBL-interacting protein kinases (CIPKs) (Weinl and Kudla, 2008) to activate downstream protein and gene transcription.
Although, there was no significant difference in expression of genes linked with abscisic acid (ABA), CDPK, ionic and osmotic signaling pathways in salinity tolerant genotypes was found when compared to sensitive line (IR29).
There are approximately 34 CDPK genes in the Arabidopsis genome, which are involved in the response to environmental stress and hormone signaling.
Furthermore we modeled the 3D structure of the OGG1 based on multiple structure alignment and superimposed with the rat CDPK protein to look for database conserved regions using partial order structure alignment server (POSA,
It has been observed that the kinase domain of a CDPK may be active through interaction of C-terminally located calcium binding domain (Zhanget al., 2010).
Tang et al., "Molecular evolution of two duplicated CDPK genes CPK7 and CPK12 in grass species: a case study in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)," Gene, vol.
Although the major classes of stress-related kinases and phosphatases taking part in these cascades are known, namely, mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPKs), SNF-1-like kinases (SnRKs), calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs), and MAP kinase phosphatases (MKPs), information regarding to these components is far from complete.
spontaneum, amplified by the CDPK + Arbi2 primer combination showed homology (E = 0.19) with a segment of mRNA corresponding to a putative receptor-like protein kinase gene of Oryza sativa.
GenBank Gene Sequence (5' accession [right arrow] 3') number Fixed primers Sucrose synthase (SuSy) GGAGGAGCTGAGTGTTTC AF263384 Sucrose phosphate synthase (SuPS) CGACAACTGGATCAACAG AB001338 Pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase (PODK) CGTAAAGATTGCTGTGGA AF194026 Soluble acid invertase (SAI) AGGACGAGACCACACTCT AF062735 Calcium dependent protein kinase (CDPK) ACAGAACCACCAAAGGAG CF572977 Starch synthase (StSy) GGCAAGAAGAAGTTCGAG AF446084 Arbitrary primers Arbi 1 GACTGCGTACGAATTAAT Arbi 2 GACTGCGTACGAATTGAC Arbi 3 GACTGCGTACGAATTTGA Table 3.
Salt-stress/ ABA induced Ca.sub.2+] signals are at least partially transduced through calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs).