CDPLCrawfordsville District Public Library (Crawfordsville, IN)
CDPLCenter for Death Penalty Litigation (Durham, NC)
CDPLCompressor Discharge Pressure Left Engine
CDPLCommand Designated Position List
CDPLCadmium Plated
CDPLCollegium Ditio Potentia Lex (gaming clan)
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Bhasker Reddy said that CDPL is planning to expand its geographical reach across the country and introduce aseptic and Tetra packs for longer shelf life of milk as the demand for this kind of packaging is growing at a faster pace.
CDPL will roll out long shelf life milk in tetra packs in 2012.
Today CDPL is present in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra states.
These data bear out the fact that there is still a disparity between black and white selection rates for the CDPL at the lieutenant colonel level.
I conducted an analysis to see if Fiscal Year 2005, the year that blacks had higher selection rates than whites, was an outlier and found that there have been two other Fiscal Years in which blacks had higher selection rates on CDPLs.