CDPPChronic Disease Prevention Program (California)
CDPPCommonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (Australia)
CDPPCentre de Donnees de la Physique des Plasmas (French: Data Center of Physics of Plasmas)
CDPPCenter on Drugs and Public Policy
CDPPChristian Democratic Peoples' Party (Moldova)
CDPPChemical Development Pilot Plant (Janssen Pharma in Geel, Belgium)
CDPPCommunity Development and Public Policy (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program; University of California, Davis; Davis, CA)
CDPPChildren's Data Processing Program (West Virginia)
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(61) For the Australian guidelines on 'self-reporting' and factors relevant to the 'public interest', see the AFP and CDPP 'Best Practice Guidelines: Self-Reporting of Foreign Bribery and Related Offending by Corporations' (8 December 2017) 5 <>.
The Supreme Sikh Council, a representative body of Sikhs in Australia with members throughout the Commonwealth is coordinating with human rights group SFJ to pursue the complaint against Bachchan with the offices of CDPP and Attorney General, it added.
Le Gassick admitted to have used online chat programs to direct children in the Philippines ranging from 4 years old to 15 years old to engage in sexual activity which he viewed in real time, according to facts presented in court by CDPP Senior Federal Prosecutor Morgan Brown.
The authors note that the memorandum of understanding between the ACCC and the CDPP states that criminal prosecution will focus on serious cartel conduct, and minor cartel conduct will be the province of civil proceedings.
The testing of 2nd sample may be made mandatory within 15 days from the date appeal is received by the CDPP.
The charge was laid by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution (CDPP) in the NSW District Registry of the Federal Court.
Fourthly, a weakness of s 86C is that the power to make an order under the section depends on application by the ACCC or, in the context of cartel offences, the CDPP. There is no good reason why the discretion of the courts when sentencing corporations or making orders in relation to civil contraventions should be fettered in such a way.
investigations and prosecutions are stagnant and the CDPP has not
K-Line pleaded guilty on 5 April 2018, following an extensive criminal investigation by the ACCC and the laying of charges by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP).