CDPTChemical Dependency Professional Trainee
CDPTCouncil of Disabled People of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
CDPTCertified Director of Pupil Transportation (National Association for Pupil Transportation)
CDPTConstant Denominator Perturbation Theory
CDPTChild Development Parent Training
CDPTComplete Decongestive Physical Therapy
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1, 2013, and has since moved what was a five-member staff, including Courtenay, Allison-Ray and Bowling, as well as chemical dependency professional trainees Stephany Schmidt and Tzetzy Colunga, into 1,700 square feet of space in a ground-floor location in the same building, hired another counselor, Chris Lorz, CDPT, and added new services, including Spanish language intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) groups, with ideas for a slate of others.