CDQCoke Dry Quenching (method)
CDQCommunity Development Quota
CDQConvert Doubleword to Quadword
CDQCompact Disc Quick
CDQCustomer Data Quality
CDQConseil de Quartier (French: Council District)
CDQCareer Development Quarterly (National Career Development Association)
CDQCommunication Design Quarterly (publication)
CDQConvert Doubleword to Quadword (Win32 assembly)
CDQCorporate Data Quality
CDQClient Diagnostic Questionnaire (Mental Health Screening Tool)
CDQCompact Disc Quality
CDQCerium Doped Quartz
CDQChebyshev Differential Quadrature
CDQCahiers Quebecois de Demographie (French)
CDQCostume Designers' Guild (cinema)
CDQCoût Délai Qualité (French: Cost Time Quality)
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05) across all four journals collectively, JVB, and CDQ, respectively.
CDQ organizations are increasingly partnering with commercial fishing companies like Alaskan Leader Fisheries.
As mentioned, the final list of journals included JCD, Adultspan, CDQ CVJ, CES, JAOC, JCC, JEC, JHC, and JMCD.
2006), the present study aimed to evaluate the CDQ structure with Malaysian young adults.
In this case, JEC is positioned to use the network to seek and exchange information directly from CDQ, thus having a strong relationship with CDQ but playing a role of isolation within the profession by having few ties to other journals in the network.
Since then it has established a track record that includes the delivery of about 340 steam turbine units, including a past delivery of CDQ steam turbines to POSCO.
Montgomery is a highly qualified scholar who will bring complementary experiences and perspectives to her editorship of CDQ.
While not supportive of a strict CDQ approach--in part because of the hard quotas--Robin Alden, former Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner and publisher of Commercial Fisheries News, shares an interest with CLF in exploring geographic allocations for fishermen: "We would like to see fishermen committed to fishing in a given area so that they have a stake in the conservation of that body offish.
A brief overview of the purposes of the study was provided, and individuals who agreed to participate voluntarily completed all instruments at that time (the HSS, the CDQ, and demographic information).
As the exhibit shows, the empirical studies employed a wide range of risk taking instruments, however, the JPI and the CDQ were the most frequent instruments in use.
The principal local processor is owned by the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit CDQ organization.
113) The stated goal of the CDQ program is to bring Natives into the industry as major participants.