CDRACharacter Data Representation Architecture
CDRAContrat de Développement Rhône-Alpes (French: Rhone-Alpes Development Contract)
CDRACommunity Development Resource Association
CDRACharacter Data Representation Architecture (IBM AFP/MO:DCA data stream)
CDRACarbon Dioxide Removal Assembly
CDRAChristian Relief and Development Association
CDRAChapter Disaster Readiness Assessment (American Red Cross)
CDRACaribbean Drag Racing Association (Christiansted, Virgin Islands)
CDRACylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna
CDRACourier Debt Reporting Association (Canada)
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The comparison of the CDRA with two conventional formulas indicates astonishing deviations even for dry air.
It can also not be excluded that recursive methods like the CDRA above have already been used.
In this paper, a aperture and mutual coupled 3-element array of CDRA fed by aperture coupled microstrip line is presented for 5.
The complete geometry of the CDRA array operating at 5.
In our proposed equivalent lumped element circuit, mutual coupling is also introduced with aperture coupled CDRA array.
A and B represents the RLC blocks of aperture coupled first and last element of CDRA array respectively.
C represents the middle CDRA RLC block which is excited using mutual coupling of the other two elements.
D and E) represent the mutual coupling effect, which excites the middle CDRA.
The aperture and mutual coupled 3-element CDRA array fed through the microstrip line is designed and fabricated to operate at 5.
The geometrical dimensions of the two aperture slots which excites the first and last CDRAs are [L.