CDRCChild Development and Rehabilitation Center
CDRCCommunity Dispute Resolution Center
CDRCCalifornia Dispute Resolution Council
CDRCCorporate Debt Restructuring Committee (Central Bank of Malaysia)
CDRCComprehensive Drug Research Center
CDRCCriminal Defense Resource Center
CDRCConsumer Disputes Redressal Commission (India)
CDRCCareer Development and Resource Center
CDRCCIESIN Data and Research Center
CDRCCoordinated Disaster Response Center
CDRCControlling Device for Retarder Control
CDRCCapital District Retriever Club
CDRCCongressional District Republican Committee
CDRCCoro Drammatico Rentao Condoleo
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This suggested that the DRC of someone trait and the CDRC of a line or variety cannot reflect the difference of the drought resistance among strains.
Thematic recurrences of subject matter were recorded until the predominant character of both Conservative federal government discourse and CDRC discourse emerged.
CDRC recently began the process to have its psychologists included in Trillium's provider panel and hopes Trillium will cover their services in the future, said Marianne Taylor, the center's office manager.
Finally, there was limited information on data checks completed by the OCR for the CDRC, which may be addressed by future iterations of the data collection.
CDRC advised us it's far too dangerous to go to Tacloban at the moment and we could make more of a difference if we go instead to Kalibo, where almost 20,000 homes have been destroyed and people are camped in 10 evacuation centres run by CDRC," said Kingsley.
The CDRCs are local arms of the NAACP that provide a range of consumer lending counseling services.
Premised on the success of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) in facilitating a vital private credit market for home mortgages, the CDRC would have the responsibility of facilitating the provision of private capital credit insurance.
The CDRC takes full advantage of the City of Dallas' pro-business culture, steady growth and job creation, all of which have made the City and the surrounding region a magnet for corporate headquarters, business expansion and foreign trade.
The CDRC forwarded two reports to the Minister of Justice and Public Safety on July 6, 2016, which examined unrelated deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that occurred in November and December 2015.
CDRC is based in Quezon City and is in need of volunteers who could be part in its disaster volunteer teams, emergency response work, resource generation, and partnership program.
She said she gained insight into the process through attending a CDRC workshop on IDPs and receiving guidance from the associate dean of her school.