CDRDCentre for Drug Research and Development (Vancouver BC, Canada)
CDRDCutaneous Drug Reaction Database
CDRDContract Data Requirements Document
CDRDCombined Delay and Rate Differentiation (algorithm)
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The fund will be used for the advancement of projects of high therapeutic potential carried out at CDRD in collaboration with academic researchers.
Many observers see the CDRD -whose achievements are most visible in Douala and Yaounde in infrastructure and sanitation--as a particularly effective support for efforts to improve the lives of the people.
The court found that an applicable dividend is a redemptive dividend combined with a CDRD and that neither step alone qualifies as an applicable dividend.
Karimah Es Sabar, Senior Vice President, Business & Strategic Affairs at CDRD commented, "At CDRD, we recognize that achieving our vision of transforming the culture of scientific innovation and commercialization impacting human health requires partnerships between industry and academia on a global scale.
CDRD, Canada's national drug development and commercialization centre, works in partnership with academia, industry, government, and foundations.
We view the clinician community as being important stakeholders, and we are excited to work with a world class drug research and development organization like CDRD as we strive to provide the medical community with validated and improved alternatives to existing products.
This technology and its application were initially developed through a partnership between the University of British Columbia and CDRD, and further advanced toward a product candidate via CVI.
By combining their discoveries with CDRD's full drug development platform, we will be further positioned to achieve our mission of translating academic discoveries into new medicines," said Natalie Dakers, CEO, CDRD.
CDRD is Canada's national drug development and commercialisation centre working in partnership with academia, industry, government and foundations.
Ensure submission of regular qualitative and analytical reports for CDRD projects within the given timeframe;
By working with the leading researchers at the University of Calgary and the commercialization office of UTI, we believe that CDRD's full drug development platform can be effectively utilized to help accelerate and advance the development of their discoveries, taking them one step closer to becoming innovative medical therapeutics," said Karimah Es Sabar, Senior Vice President, Business & Strategic Affairs at CDRD.
The CDRD collaboration completed critical activities toward demonstrating the technology's clinical benefit including demonstrating that Irinophore C[TM] can significantly reduce the clinical doselimiting gastrointestinal toxicity associated with Camptosar[R].