CDRFChristopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (spinal cord injury)
CDRFCalifornia Dairy Research Foundation
CDRFChina Development Research Foundation (est. 1997)
CDRFChronic Disease Research Foundation (London, England, UK)
CDRFCreme D'Argent Rabbit Federation
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4 billion but in the DA, CDRF, and EFAC accounts and not in the local and regional procurement program.
In 2008, CDRF employed the Horizon Research (HR) Company to evaluate the performance of PB reform in Wuxi and Harbin.
A seven-person board oversees CDRF, with a program that encompasses nutrition, health, manufacturing and quality assurance.
The matching funds include a partnership between the CDRF, milk and dairy product manufacturers and the government.
Penn's CDRF Management Team previously conducted a program for Type II diabetics in Montana using InforMedix's Med-eMonitor System, whereby mean medication adherence rates improved to over 92% compared to a baseline medication adherence rate of 40%, and Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels were reduced by an average of 18.
million in the CDRF is the equivalent of the safe box guarantee because
8 million Euros in three years to support Save the Children s programmes promoting children s health, nutrition and early childhood development, including the Village Early Education Center project in Sichuan province in partnership with CDRF and the Meishan Municipal Government of Sichuan province.