CDRLContract Data Requirements List (US DoD)
CDRLContract Data Requirements List
CDRLContract Documents Requirements List
CDRLContract Deliverables Requirements List
CDRLCentro Documentazione Ricerche per la Lombardia (Italian: Documentation Center of Research in Lombardy; Italy)
CDRLCenter for Democracy and the Rule of Law (Lebanon)
CDRLContract Data Requirement Line
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Obtain a Good Data Management Tool: We gained access to a good data management and CDRL tool from another program office, populated it with the appropriate people, role mapped and launched it to all users to begin learning.
We realized that without well-written Work Statements, the CDRL package was of little value.
Review PID Packages: After conducting a few more DRRBs, we realized the need to review not only the Work Statements and CDRL packages, but also the PID package.
The CDRL includes authorized data requirements for a specific procurement that forms part of a contract.
Abbreviations: CDRL, cumulative dead root length; CNRL, cumulative new root length; RD, maximum rooting depth; TL, the ratios of dead/new roots in length; TN, the ratios of dead/new roots in number; TRL, total root length; TRN, total root number.
The last feature of our Integrated Management Framework has permitted us to eliminate the classical CDRL in our tracking system.
IBM STARS IR70/E CDRL 7001, by Software Engineering Technology, Inc.
USAF ESD Contract FI9628-88-D-0032, CDRL # 1240 from IBM FSD, Jan.
The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement requires the use of a CDRL in solicitation when the contract will require delivery of technical data.
Each CDRL identifies a data acquisition document data item description (DID).
The CDRL or DID disbeliever should consider two facts.