CDRNClinical Data Research Network
CDRNCanadian Design Research Network (Surrey, BC, Canada)
CDRNCommunity Development Resource Network (Kampala, Uganda)
CDRNCentre de Ressources National (French: National Resource Center; France)
CDRNCorporate Disaster Resource Network (India)
CDRNCanaan Dog Rescue Network (est. 2004)
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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is being supported through CDRN for distribution of blankets in the villages like Saboo, ,Basgo, Ney and Miru and CII Northern Region, Secretariat is providing regular updates on the progress.
CDRN Response to Leh Flash Floods, Jammu & Kashmir
CDRN was one of first relief agency which initiated its on field operations in Leh.
CDRN team conducted trainings on proper usage of water purification tablets
Information on use water purification tablets being imparted to nursing staff by CDRN team members
The CDRN team met the Chief Medical Officer, Leh and provided support with the availability of water purification tablets in Leh.
CDRN emergency unit team comprising of Zorema Darkim and Sandeep Kashyap visited 9 relief camps and other affected villages.
He informed that Aquatabs, water purification tablets and 9000 drinking water bottles provided through CDRN were distributed in far off villages including Phyang, Himank, Choglumsar, Saboo, Igoo, Taru, Umla, Nimmoo, Basgo, Ney, Stakmo, Nang, Shey, Maane, Skampari.
After viewing the specific needs on CDRN system, Jubilant Bhartia Foundation donated 48,000 litres of packaged drinking water.
Vivek Prakash, Head, CSR Jubilant Bhartia Foundation highlighted the prompt action taken by CDRN which encouraged Jubilant employees to come forward to provide relief to populations affected in Leh.