CDRNClinical Data Research Network
CDRNCanadian Design Research Network (Surrey, BC, Canada)
CDRNCommunity Development Resource Network (Kampala, Uganda)
CDRNCentre de Ressources National (French: National Resource Center; France)
CDRNCorporate Disaster Resource Network (India)
CDRNCanaan Dog Rescue Network (est. 2004)
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CDRN emergency unit quickly assessed the situation and was ready to transport 96000 pre-positioned water purification tablets donated by Aquatabs for those affected in Leh.
The CDRN team contacted several national level companies to provide support for the Leh operations.
Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways Indian Airlines provided free cargo space for the Leh relief material which enabled CDRN in efficient logistics and helped in economizing relief operations.
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is being supported through CDRN for distribution of blankets in the villages like Saboo, ,Basgo, Ney and Miru and CII Northern Region, Secretariat is providing regular updates on the progress.
CDRN Response to Leh Flash Floods, Jammu & Kashmir
(He was able to evade police action by claiming the status of French citizen by virtue of birth in Dakar, a claim which the French authorities were eager to refute.) He had also joined the Ligue Universelle de Defense de la Race Noire (LUDRN), a Pan-African association which in 1926 was reconstituted under Senghor's leadership as the CDRN. In this capacity he was nominated by the Berlin office as a Vice-President of the League Against Imperialism, and delivered one of the most violent speeches of the Brussels Congress, calling for militant action against colonial oppression, and the more universal evil of world imperialism.
Although the CDRN and its Communist patrons had identified African seamen as a promising channel for the infiltration of revolutionary ideas into colonial Africa there is necessarily little evidence for the extent of its success.
CDRN's deal is funded with a two-year loan of $1.4 million from Telcoe Federal Credit Union.
PCORI also will issue two funding announcements later this month to support the next stage of PCORnet's development, funding up to 13 of the Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) and up to 22 of the Patient-Powered Research
CDRN NLR LLC, led by Ishverbhai Govind, purchased the Holiday Inn Express at 4306 E.
PCORI began development of PCORnet with an initial investment of $93.5 million to support the development and expansion of 29 individual networks, a mix of health system-based Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) and patient-organized Patient-Powered Research Networks (PPRNs), over an 18-month first phase that concludes in September 2015.