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CDROMCompact Disk Read Only Memory
CDROMCompact Disc Read Only Memory
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Those who attended for the conference or registered but did not attend due to the weather will find the CDROM included in the binder of conference materials.
The video has been produced in VHS and CDROM (MPEG 1) formats.
Proceedings of the conference are available in both print form and CDROM from the AFS Publications Dept.
Data is GLP-compliant and can be saved as a spreadsheet, or archived to a CDROM to satisfy regulatory or auditing requirements.
Gone will be the days of a technician visiting each workstation to manually insert a CDROM or floppy disc to install a program.
It is available on CDROM from Inspiration Software, Inc.
Today, around 40% of orders from its 120,000 registered customers are made via computer, either through the company's web site or via a CDROM catalogue.
Diane Alaimo from editor of Credit Collections News to group editor of the monthly newsletter, Credit Collections Directory, and Collections Source One, a CDROM.