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CDRPCalifornia Dropout Research Project (Santa Barbara, CA; est. 2006)
CDRPCrime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships
CDRPCommercial Driver Registration Program (Canada)
CDRPCancer Disparities Research Partnership
CDRPCenter for Disaster Risk Policy (Florida State University)
CDRPChemical Dependency Recovery Program
CDRPCatastrophic Disaster Response Plan (US Army Corps of Engineers)
CDRPCall Data Rating Point
CDRPCertified Disaster Recovery Professional
CDRPChemical Dependency Rehabilitation Program
CDRPCall Dial Rerouting Point
CDRPConservation Development Recognition Program (Saginaw County, Michigan)
CDRPCollision Deductible Reserve Plan (automobile insurance)
CDRPCivil Defense Research Project
CDRPCertified Data Recovery Professional
CDRPCertified Disability Representation Practitioner
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1995) and from these the CDRP gleaned best practices that are summarized in the evolution of a CDR.
There are around 370 CDRPs in England and Wales with a responsibility to develop and implement local strategies to tackle crime and disorder including anti-social behaviour and drugs misuse.
And we've gone further - with a new performance framework that places equal importance on community safety partners as it does on the police, reforms to CDRPS to drive performance, and the implementation of Local Area Agreements.
While the CDRP is not legislation, it is possible that its legitimate interest factor of "criticism, review or news reporting" (102) may be interpreted in accordance with the principles of the Charter.
For instance, decisions should be reached through a combination of informal, autonomous decision making and more formal, group procedures; such a state occurs when "individual expertise and responsibility is recognized and there is a degree of independence for more routine decisions but strategic decisions remain the responsibility" of the CDRP.
CDRP Families have been set up to allow comparisons of crime rates between local areas.
The entire report is posted on the CDRP Web site at http://www.
In becoming the first cryptocurrency to pass a CDRP, VeChain may have demonstrated to retailers, distributors, and logistics companies, which would be its bread-and-butter clientele, that blockchain can be perfectly safe for mass adoption.
It resulted in almost 300 people signing up for Neighbourhood Watch schemes, while funding was secured for a new CCTV camera through the CDRP.
The CDRP includes representatives from Blyth Valley Council, Northumbria Police, the Fire Service and local businesses and community groups.
CDRP joint head Ann Habens said: "We all have a duty to ensure that vulnerable people feel safe and this joint approach to tackling abuse should help achieve just that.