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CDRSCollaborative Digital Reference Service (Library of Congress)
CDRSCertified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
CDRSCall Detail Reporting System (US FEMA)
CDRSCollection of Dues and Repossession of Security (bank code)
CDRSCOMDISCO Disaster Recovery Services
CDRSConceptual Design and Rendering System (PRO/DESIGNER)
CDRSCorporate Data Repository System
CDRSCounter Disaster and Rescue Service (Australia)
CDRSContainer Data Retrieval System
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According to a senior police officer, the snooping syndicate involved many important people as a former Joint Director of Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI) was one of the top officials of the detective agency that has allegedly obtained Call Record Details ( CDRs) for its clients Arrests Among the four arrested in the case is a detective who was earlier booked for allegedly obtaining BJP leader Arun Jaitley's call detail records in 2013.
In such settings, CDR monitoring should be considered syndromic surveillance and should be implemented when an abnormal health phenomenon affects large populations.
"Nawazuddin Siddiqui has no direct role in the Call Data Record (CDR) case.
Any officer who wants to analyse the CDR of an MP should make a request through proper channel and only after getting permission from the police commissioner the officer can access the CDR.
" This is the second module of detectives that was involved in procuring CDR of high profile persons.
The team performed a detailed structural and sequence analysis of these unusually long CDR H3 cow antibodies, to gain insight into how they are made naturally-and how such structures might be engineered in the laboratory.
21 (ANI): Reacting to controversies involving actor Sahil Khan and Jackie Shroff's wife Ayesha Shroff in the latest Call Data Recording (CDR) case, the 'Style' actor claimed "Karma is a b***h".
The CDRP has applied this maturity assessment to 30 CDRs and a similar assessment has been applied to an additional 25 European CDRs (J.
All aircraft should be able to fly Code 1 CDRs, and most RNAV-equipped aircraft should be able to fly at least those Code 2 CDRs with compatible altitudes.
Despite the increase caused by using three years, only a small percentage of colleges would face penalties for high CDRs if the new three-year CDR was implemented this year.
Squadron skipper Cdr. Scott Handler described a typical deployment for the Minutemen.
The test results for this scenario verified the rating and processing of 16,000 incoming Call Detail Records (CDRs) per second.