CDRUSSTRATCOMCommander, United States Strategic Command (US DoD)
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Common responsibilities of each of the Service components are: advocating for space requirements within their respective Services, providing a single point of contact for access to Service resources and capabilities, making recommendations to USSTRATCOM on appropriate employment of Service forces, providing assigned space forces to CDRUSSTRATCOM [commander, USSTRATCOM] and CCDRs [combatant commanders] as directed, assisting in planning in support of space operations and assigned tasking, and supporting CDRUSSTRATCOM and other CCDRs with space mission area expertise and advocacy of desired capabilities as requested.
Through the installation, operation, maintenance, and defense of LandWarNet, the Signal Corps provides network-enabled capabilities to operational maneuver commanders at each echelon and, by extension, to each of the CCDRs, to CDRUSSTRATCOM, and to the Commander in Chief.
26) As the combatant commander responsible for global space operations, the CDRUSSTRATCOM would delegate GSCA to USSTRATCOM's functional component for space, be it AFSTRAT, Fourteenth Air Force, a JTF for space, or another organization.