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CDRWCompact Disc - ReWritable
CDRWCompact Disc Recording Writer
CDRWCompact Disc Rewritable
CDRWCompact Disc Recordable/Writable (common, but incorrect)
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While some may feel that CDRWs directly compete with Zip, he says, "We feel that rather than fight such major trends in competitive formats, we should see what we can do with them and make them part of our product line -- embracing all types of storage." He adds that since last year.
Note the word "Audio" after the CDR and CDRW. The CDs used for an Audio CD recorder are not the same discs used when recording audio on a computer using a computer CD.
The two controllers should be set to ID 6 and 7, the boot disk drive ID 0, the user disks ID 8-15, with ID 3 - 5 for legacy equipment; Tape, Jaz Drives ID 3, CDROM, CDRW, DVD-RAM ID 4, and scanners ID 5.
(HP) has announced the release of a new lineup of advanced CDRW drives.
Ahora, no todo en la vida es ver peliculas, y con el ES10 podra escuchar CDs de musica, si lo desea, incluso de los "quemados" en casa CDR y CDRW. Pero hay otro formato de musica que supera bastante la calidad del CD convencional.
* DVD/CD-RW con velocidades CD-R 24X, CDRW 24X, CD-ROM 24X, DVD-ROM 8X
The state-of-the-art computer, from Britain and Ireland's top home PC brand, boasts an Athlon XP 2000+ processor, 256MB RAM, 80GB hard disk, 17-inch colour monitor, nVIDIA MX 400 graphics card with 64MB of video RAM, plus DVD and CDRW drives.
This USB version increases the interface's transfer rate from 1.5MB/s to 60MB, allowing LaCie's latest product to be four times faster than the previous USB CDRW generation.
The future of optical disk technology, I believe, lies with phase-change: specifically CDRW at the low-capacity end, and DVD-recordables at the high end.
Sometimes the name of the product itself implies that it's lightweight, like Amacom's Baby CDRW (see Figure 2).
Tenders are invited for Supply and warranty of compact disk rewritable (cd-rw) moserbear pro 80/700 mb/4x-10x (packing 10 cdrw in one cake box)