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CDSCContingent Deferred Sales Charge
CDSCCommunications Distribution and Switching Center
CDSCCommunicable Disease Surveillance Centre
CDSCConnecticut Down Syndrome Congress
CDSCCommunications Distribution and Switching Center (NASA)
CDSCCable Distribution and Switching Center
CDSCCustom Data Services Cabinet (4ESS)
CDSCCombat Data System Center
CDSCCampus Development and Space Committee (Florida State University)
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In any event, the rise of CDSC share classes financed by 12b-1 fees, and their embrace by large brokerage firms, led to a complete turnaround of Wall Street's attitude toward mutual funds in the 1970s.
The CDSC and the ALI both reported on their respective reviews of aspects of the treatment of recruits in the armed forces, although neither specifically investigated the deaths at Deepcut.
The existence of the CDSC allows the insurance company to invest in longer duration, higher interest-paying bonds to provide better returns for contract owners who do not surrender early.
The CDSC will run two-week public announcements to disclose information concerning reported damages to identify other complainants.
As well as a local-authority presence, WFMF currently has representatives from PHLS in Wales, CDSC Wales, FSA Wales, and the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services, as well as an academic with expertise in hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) methods.
The Department of Health issued an electronic warning on its NHS-wide electronic Epinet system after the CDSC alerted them to the cases.
The purchase of "C" shares would result in a 1% 12b-1 fee and a contingent deferred sales charge, with the CDSC declining from 5% in the purchase year to 0% in the sixth year.
Some of the "loopholes" that allow a shareholder to forgo the CDSC for some funds are death or disability, regular systematic withdrawals and distributions from a retirement plan after age 59 1/2 (the last two are usually limited to a certain percent of the total investment).
Public Health Laboratory Service, CDSC. Sexually transmitted diseases in Britain: 1985-1986.
'Our technical teams are working closely with the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) towards resolving the issue in the shortest time possible and the market will be duly notified when services have been restored,' NSE said in an earlier statement.