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CDSCSCitroën DS Club Suisse (Swiss automobile club)
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One fund that pioneered the use of spread loads financed by 12b-1 charges and CDSCs experienced asset growth from $109,000 to nearly $4 billion in a single year.
The emergence of CDSCs operating in tandem with 12b-1 fees completely transformed the economic relationship between the fund industry and the large brokerage firms; in the post-12b-1 world, mutual fund sales became a very big revenue item.
243) Investors are apt to stumble into CDSC purchases by assuming that they are in essence getting a form of no-load fund since the sales charge is hidden from view.
In 1998, the SEC proposed a rule aimed at creating detailed prospectus disclosure requirements for multiple class funds in order to help mutual fund investors understand the options presented by multi-class fund share offerings, particularly as to 12b-1 fees and CDSCs.
The world of 12b-1 and CDSCs is never simple, however.
The absence of evidence over many years proves that it is time for 12b-1 payments to subsidize CDSCs and nothing more, assuming the rule is not eliminated completely, as it should be.