CDSEClub des Directeurs de Sécurité des Entreprises (French: Security Companies Directors Club)
CDSECadmium Selenide
CDSECombined Defence Services Examination (Indian Armed Forces)
CDSECommunity Development and Support Expenditure (New South Wales, Australia)
CDSECareer Development and Student Employment (University of Hawaii)
CDSECommunity Development South East (UK)
CDSEChild Development Special Education (university curriculum; various locations)
CDSECryptologic Direct Support Element
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(29) The most popular QDs for biological applications are still based on CdSe core materials, which offer high quality and control over the spectroscopic properties of the nanocrystal.
Construct means for each soft skill area and the CDSE instrument were incorporated into the ANOVA models.
The QDs produced are composed of a semiconductor CdSe core that is stabilized by a surrounding layer of water-soluble thiols.
Thickness of the Ti[O.sub.2]/CdS/ CdSe was increased in repeat of the three time layers.
Some researchers have studied factors that help predict and facilitate the career identity development process for college students (Conklin, Dan ling, & Garcia, 2013; Paulsen & Betz, 2004) and may influence career decision-making self-efficacy (CDSE) (Betz et al., 2005).
TABLE 1 Pretest and Posttest Descriptive Statistics for the Study Variables by Group Pretest Group M SD Mdn Range CGSE Control 90.18 12.83 89.0 56 Tx 91.57 13.42 90.0 57 CDSE Control 95.63 16.64 98.5 67 Tx 99.46 15.21 100.0 73 Posttest Group M SD Mdn Range CGSE Control 87.72 13.93 89.0 79 Tx 97.83 13.00 98.0 54 CDSE Control 94.65 15.52 95.5 74 Tx 103.00 16.11 106.0 57 Posttest Adjusted Group [M.sub.adj] [SE.sub.adj] CGSE Control 88.72 1.15 Tx 97.46 0.92 CDSE Control 96.25 1.41 Tx 101.97 1.13 Note.
Many semiconductors, such as CdSe, Ag2S, PbS, SnS and Sb2S3 are used as sensitizers in the semiconductor synthesized solar cell (SSCs)[2-5].
Summary: A stable and sensitive electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection protocol of o-aminophenol was developed, which was based on CdSe quantum dots (QDs) and the cavity structure of [beta]-cyclodextrin.
Take for example CdSe, Ag and Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles when used as nanopesticides against Spodoptera Littoralis, it was found that they increase the larval mortality in the following trend CdSe, Ti[O.sub.2] and Ag respectively (M.
"Poto-oxidation-inhance coupling in densely backed CdSe quantum dot films, Appl.