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CDSPCompact Disc Spectrum Pro
CDSPChurch Divinity School of the Pacific (Berkeley, California)
CDSPChar Development and Settlement Project (Bangladesh)
CDSPCache Demobilization Specialist
CDSPCommunications and Digital Signal Processing
CDSPCompanion Dog Sports Program (St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center; New Jersey)
CDSPCarnitine Deficiency, Systemic Primary
CDSPColegio de San Pedro (Philippines college)
CDSPConcept Development Site Plan (planning/zoning)
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Steering Committee on Bioethics (CDBI), European Health Committee (CDSP), Replies to the questionnaire for member states on organ trafficking, Strasbourg (2 June 2004), 53.
Durham County Council Leader Ken Manton, who chairs the CDSP, acknowledges that the plans are ambitious but are, in essence, achievable.
Bertrandt, which has held Ford's certified data provider status (CDSP) for some time, made the investment to ensure it had all the necessary security systems in place to meet the car manufacturer's requirement that its first tier suppliers should communicate project links via the ideas-metaphase interface (IMI).
is the leading Content Delivery Service Provider (CDSP).
23, 1992, available in LEXIS, News Library, CDSP File.
in Current Digest of the Soviet Press (hereinafter CDSP), 6, 35; (1954), p.