CDSTCentral Daylight Savings Time
CDSTContinental Divide Snowmobile Trail (Wyoming)
CDSTChassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (diesel emissions test)
CDSTClinical Decision Support Tool
CDSTCompanion Dog School of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
CDSTCassini Deep Space Transponder
CDSTCollege of Dairy Science and Technology (India)
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Adopting a CDST approach and using a single-case design, the study aims to examine and theoretically account for the dynamic mechanisms through which, at the "day-to-day, real-time level," shifts in preservice teacher identities take place (Klimstra et al.
Because complex dynamic systems need to be understood as cases (and because in social science research most examined cases constitute complex dynamic systems), in CDST research individual cases form the appropriate object of investigation (Byrne & Callaghan, 2014).
A CDST design requires data capturing evolutionary processes at both macro and micro levels, and a means of relating these together (Lichtwarck-Aschoff et al.
Second, because in a CDST study data rich in detail and collected across closely spaced time points are needed, it was important to select a pairing/group of students committed to gaining experiences from the practicum, and who would record these in a teacher-monitored discussion forum with regularity and detail.
Using a combined macro/micro analysis of a type demanded in CDST studies (Lichtwarck-Aschoff et al.
This proposal is wholly consistent with CDST principles of self-organization and emergence.
Using a combination of CDST and dialogical self perspectives, conflicts between contradictory inner-voices have been investigated and unique insights into the transformational dynamics of teacher identity have been provided.
Phenotypic tests for carbapenemase detection like MHT and CDST are simple, cost effective and easy to perform and hence can be used in any microbiology laboratory to detect carbapenemase production and applied clinically to guide the antimicrobial therapy, especially in severe and life threatening infections.
2 : Positive CDST ([double dagger])--Difference of [greater than or equal to] 4mm in the diameter of zone of inhibition of Imipenem and Imipenem + EDTA **.
pneumoniae (05) 05 (05) -- -- Pseudomonas (16) 01 01 14 (06) Acinetobacter (13) 01 -- 12 (08) Enterobacter (06) 03 -- 03 (01) Citrobacter koseri (01) -- 01 (01) -- Proteus vulgaris (01) -- -- 01 (01) Total : 62 Isolate (Total) Total Total MHT + ve CDST ([dagger]) + ve E.