CDTACapital District Transportation Authority (Albany/Schenectady/Troy Area, NY)
CDTAContinental Divide Trail Alliance
CDTACentre de Developpement des Technologies Avancees (French)
CDTACanadian Dance Teachers' Association
CDTAClinical Dental Technicians Association (UK)
CDTACommunity Development Technical Assistance
CDTACollege of Dental Technologists of Alberta (Canada)
CDTAChemical Diversion and Trafficking Act of 1988
CDTAClostridium Difficile Toxin Assay
CDTACranbrook District Teachers Association (Canada)
CDTAComox District Teachers Association (Courtenay, BC, Canada)
CDTACanadian Dental Therapists Association
CDTATrans-1,2-Cyclohexanediaminetetraacetic Acid (chelator)
CDTACorporate Driver Training Australia Pty. Ltd.
CDTACertified Drug Test Administrator
CDTACourt Decision To Affirm
CDTACurrent Differencing Transconductance Amplifier
CDTACryopréservation, Distribution, Typage et Archivage Animal (French: Cryopreservation, Distribution, Typing and Animal Archiving)
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o] Device Electronic (KHz) Reference used tunability reported [9] VOA No 160 [10] CFA Yes 80 [12] CDBA Yes 900 [11] CFOA No 159 [14] CDTA Yes 1730 [15] DDCC No 1060 [16] CCCCTA Yes 1100 [13] CDBA No 16 [17] OTA Yes 64 [18] DVCCTA Yes 348 [19] DVCCTA Yes 3183 Proposed CFA-MMCC Yes 1800 Linear tuning Reference law THD (%) [9] No No mention [10] Yes 2.
The Hong Kong-UAE CDTA has incorporated an article on exchange of information, which enables Hong Kong to fulfil its international obligations on enhancing tax transparency and combating tax evasion.
Duo-Gard's bus stations have already had a positive impact on the BusPlus service from Day One, providing state of the art waiting areas for our customers," said Carm Basile, CDTA chief executive officer.
Biolek, "A Novel Current-Mode Full-Wave Rectifier Based on One CDTA and Two Diodes," vol.
Pour le CDTA enfin, il verra le produit de ses chercheurs mis sur le marche, tout en disposant d'[beaucoup moins que] une source de financement alternative [beaucoup plus grand que] pour ses projets.
0mg/L (< 5mg/L), Stool for CDTA (Clostridium difficile toxin assay) was negative.
Created in 1970 by the New York State Legislature, the CDTA is a public benefit corporation that provides regional commuter transportation services by rail, bus, water and air.
All above grade features including, but not limited to curbs, building faces (including all building entryways and first floor elevations), bollards, trees, light poles, manholes, catch basins and CDTA bus stop locations.
Kuntman, "A new, improved CMOS realization of CDTA and its filter applications", Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, vol.
We are also very pleased to work with CDTA on this effort to beautify the area around the train station," stated Amy Klein, Executive Director of Capital District Community Gardens.
Keynote speaker is the new CDTA Executive Director, Mr.