CDTFCommunity Development Trust Fund (Kenya and EU poverty initiative)
CDTFChemical Defense Training Facility
CDTFChemical Demilitarization Training Facility
CDTFChemical Decontamination Training Facility
CDTFChemical Dependency Task Force (Minnesota)
CDTFCivil Disturbance Task Force
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[9] propose the CDTF model, in which they consider the full triadic relation user-item-domain to effectively exploit user preferences on items within different domains.
We compare our algorithm with seven state-of-the-art algorithms, namely, N-CF-U, UVD [6], CFONMTF [17], N-CDCF-U, MF-CDCF, CMF, and CDTF, where N-CF-U, UVD, and CFONMTF are three single-domain CF algorithms and N-CDCF-U, MF-CDCF, CMF, and CDTF are four cross-domain algorithms.
1st Class George Young, CDTF operations non-commissioned officer.
The most popular of those facilities are the CDTF and the First Lieutenant Terry Facility.
Many units prefer to train at the CDTF, which has provided small-unit, collective-training opportunities for joint force and allied operational units for about 6 years.
Since August 2006, the CDTF training mission has expanded to include a CBRN SSE exercise in each professional course that trains at Fort Leonard Wood.
His previous assignments include ANCOC branch chief, NCO Academy, For McClellan, Alabama; brigade NBC NCO, DIVARTY, 2d Infantry Division, Korea; and team lender, CDTF, Fort McClellan, Alabama.
German toxic NBC training has truly undergone an "evolution" at the Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF), both at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and at the new facility at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Responding to a recent report of defective chemical suits, officials at the Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, have taken measures to ensure that there is no cause for alarm.