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Effective April 1, 2019, a remote seller must register with the CDTFA and collect California use tax if, in the current or prior calendar year, it has total combined sales of tangible personal property for delivery in the state by it and all persons related to it under IRC section 267(b) and its regulations exceeding $500,000.
The bill moved quickly through the Legislature with bipartisan support in hopes of setting the new standard for remote sales tax collection prior to the CDTFA pursuing the lower threshold.
The CDTFA distributes the sales tax revenues on a monthly basis according to a predetermined formula with quarterly true-ups.
We anticipate, assuming things stay the same as prior to OTA's existence, approximately 130 new appeals per month (a cumulative total of FTB and CDTFA cases).
102, many of the responsibilities previously held by the BOE are shifted to two newly created tax agencies: the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) and the CDTFA.
The most accurate type of sales tax audit is likely a direct audit, whereby the CDTFA examines the financial records of the business and determines whether the appropriate amount of sales taxes were withheld and remitted to the state.
The Special Notice ( also impacts in-state and out-of-state retailers' obligations to collect and remit district use taxes adopted by California localities.
* Have not been contacted by the CDTFA regarding its activities in California; and
AB 102 in 2017 moved much of the its responsibilities to the newly created CDTFA and the OTA.
Would the SOS registration as part of a sales tax voluntary disclosure with CDTFA impede or inhibit the taxpayer's ability to participate in a voluntary disclosure program with the FTB if the SOS registration and FTB application occur close in time to one another?
The CDTFA will take over the administration of taxes that had previously been done by the BOE, including sales and use, business and excise taxes.
The CDTFA, responsible for the administration and collection of California use tax, has two distinct VDPs that have been in effect since 2004: the In-State Voluntary VDP and the Out-of-State VDP.