CDTRControlled Document Transmittal Receipt
CDTRCommon Data Transfer Record
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Detailed fieldnotes were taken by a research team member during each CDTR course meeting.
In this first phase, I relied on the aforementioned a priori definitions developed within the spring CDTR course to identify examples, examining data for instances of both classroom-level, "critical" and macro-level, "Critical" topics within their coaching.
While only one CT/PT pair, of the eight who shared their videos, did not engage in any c/Critical discussions, it is notable that 8 of the 13 identified conversations took place in the third RVA post-conference, after the CDTR professor invited them to try c/Critical conversations.
The CTs who did have multiple critical conversations or who took on explicitly Critical work all showed evidence in their interviews and CDTR class participation of coming into their coaching with critical perspectives already.
These forecasts and potential alerts are currently disseminated by ECDC to public health decision makers, along with different response options for their consideration, through the CDTR: Public access to a beach should be temporarily denied for public safety purposes, warnings should be issued when the environmental suitability of Vibrio infections is imminent, or alerts should be issued to notify health care providers and at-risk individuals such as the immunocompromised.
Extensive fieldwork proved that the Geoffroy's cat is the only small cat at CdTR (Vuillermoz and Sapoznikow, 1998; Manfredi et al., 2006) and ETPP (Manfredi, 2006).
At LANP, CLR and, especially, CdTR, trees (Nothofagus sp., 80% of the cases, n = 28; Prosopis caldenia, 100%, n = 17; Celtis tala, 100%; n = 73, respectively) were the most common defecation sites, whereas feces were mainly found on grass tussocks and along trails at GLR, and at ETPP, an area where large trees are rare, most defecation sites were in natural rocky shelters (Fig.
At CdTR, based on the selection shown by radiotagged cats, Manfredi et al.
Staff of the ETPP, CdTR, and the Argentine National Park Agency (APN) provided logistic support.