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CDTVCount Down TV (Japan)
CDTVCompact Disc Tv
CDTVCommodore Dynamic Total Vision
CDTVCanadian Digital Television
CDTVCommodores Total Vision
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Standards for CD-I were issued in 1988, for DVI in 1989, for CD-ROM XA in 1990, and for CDTV in 1991.
With the flip of a switch, each CDTV can change from television set to a computer monitor and back again.
Other versions of CDTV and DTVA products (such as the CDT360) have already proven popular in European retail due to their competitive pricing and feature set which includes an eight day electronic programme guide (EPG) available in a choice of European and Far Eastern languages.
CDTV Reference Set * CDTV Early Childhood Set Courtland Group * Ultra series (optical imaging software, multi-user and/or jukebox installations) Ed Tech, Inc.
Commodore introduced its CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision) Interactive Multimedia player in April of 1991.
Presario CDS 526 486/DX2/66 8MB $1,799 $1,599 17% Presario CDTV 528 486/DX2/66 8MB $1,799 $1,549 22% Presario CDS 744 486/DX4/90 8MB $1,599 $1,399 13% Presario CDS 774 Pentium/75 8MB $1,899 $1,549 18% Presario CDS 974 Pentium/75 12MB $2,199 $1,799 18% Presario CDTV 978 Pentium/75 8MB $2,099 $1,699 19% Presario CDS 992 Pentium/100 16MB $2,999 $2,399 20%
CD-I and CDTV also bring multimedia to students, even without the otherwise necessary computer.
The Compaq "Cool Cash" Rebate, available through Compaq authorized retail locations nationwide, offers a cash rebate of $150 on the Compaq Presario CDTV 520 and CDTV 528, television-capable models; and a rebate of $100 on the Compaq Presario CDS 520, CDS 524 and CDS 526, feature-rich, all-in-one multimedia PCs.
CDTV is a new product from Commodore that plays interactive compact discs.
Model New Price Old Price Percentage Reduction Minitower Models: Presario CDS 954 $1,699(a) $1,799 6% Presario CDS 972 $1,999(a) $2,149 7% Presario CDS 974 $2,199(a) $2,349 6% Presario CDTV 978 $2,099(a) $2,349 11% Presario CDS 982 $2,199(a) $2,499 12%