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CDUCharles Darwin University (Australia)
CDUChristlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (German: Christian Democratic Union; Germany)
CDUControl Display Unit
CDUCharles Drew University of Medicine and Science (Los Angeles, CA)
CDUClasificación Decimal Universal (Spanish)
CDUControl & Display Unit
CDUCrude Distillation Unit (refinery)
CDUClinical Decision Unit (UK hospitals)
CDUControl and Display Unit
CDUColigação Democrática Unitária (United Democratic Coalition, Portugal)
CDUCensus Dissemination Unit (UK 2001 Census)
CDUClassification Décimale Universelle (French: Universal Decimal Classification; library classification system)
CDUCentre de Documentation de l'Urbanisme (French: Urban Planning Documentation Center)
CDUCooling Distribution Unit
CDUCebu Doctors' University
CDUComputer Display Unit
CDUCockpit Display Unit
CDUCommand Detector Unit
CDUCentral Display Unit
CDUCabinet Distribution Unit
CDUCivil Disturbance Unit
CDUCampaign for Democracy in Ulster
CDUCoupling Data Unit
CDUCardiac Diagnostic Unit
CDUCommand Decoder Unit
CDUCombiner Distribution Unit
CDUCombining and Distribution Unit (3G radio systems)
CDUChest Drainage Unit
CDUCare Delivery Unit
CDUConsultancy and Development Unit
CDUCourtesy Double Up (poker)
CDUCollegiate Development Union (aka Chicks Dig Us; Brigham Young University; Utah)
CDUCommand Data Unit
CDUControl Distribution Unit
CDUcounterdrug update (US DoD)
CDUCoupling Display Unit (NASA)
CDUCommander's Display Unit
CDUCRT Display Unit (NASA)
CDUCustomer Data Unit
CDUChaff Dispenser Unit (military aviation)
CDUCommand Destruct Unit
CDUCountry Development Unit
CDUCompatibility Display Interface
CDUCommon Drive Unit
CDUCommand Demodulator Unit
CDUCapacitive/Capacitor Discharge Unit
CDUCriminal Detective Unit
CDUComponent Development Unit
CDUCollateral Data Update
CDUConsolidated Diving Unit
CDUCorrugated Display Unit
CDUChicks Dig Us (aka Collegiate Development Union; Brigham Young University; Utah)
CDUCommon Display Upgrade
CDUCommunications Distribution Unit (FDDM)
CDUCyanide Detoxification Unit
CDUCristiana Democratica Unione (Christian Democratic Union; Italian political party)
CDUChristelijk-Demokratische Unie (Dutch: Christian Democratic Union)
CDUCarrier Distribution Unit
CDUCommission Départementale de l'Urbanisme (French: County Commission of Urban Planning)
CDUContinuing Disclosure Undertaking (municipal securites agrement)
CDUCompetency Development Unit (various organizations)
CDUCellule de Développement Urbain (French: Urban Development Unit; Belgium)
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This will be the third "grand coalition" between the ruling CDU and the SPD since 2005.
Following burkini bans over the summer on beaches in the French Riviera and a series of terror attacks across Western Europe, Germany's CDU party and affiliate party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) parties debated banning the burqa in August.
A move into the presidential palace at Bellevue might be the CDU member's next logical career move.
5" CDU provides full backward compatibility with the Control Display Sub-System (CDSS); but with the added Ethernet interface, comes new functionality that allows PLS output data to be displayed on the moving maps on external avionics displays.
We present a case of atypical (outward) testicular torsion demonstrated by CDU and the simultaneous manual de-torsion of the spermatic cord.
Further, key members of a leading cardiology practice voiced an interest in managing patients with CHF in a CDU based on prior experiences and knowledge of care trends in their specialty.
Summary: CDU TEK has published its Russian oil and gas production data for August.
To explore this process, Mitchell painstakingly reconstructs early CDU discourse and networks from an extensive source base, including correspondence, party platforms, speeches, and memoirs.
After the polls were closed at 6 o'clock, it became clear that I hadn't won my constituency directly, but as the evening went on, an overwhelming good nationwide CDU result became more obvious.
JEDDAH: DAHLIA REHAIMYTwo months after winning the national elections, the governing CDU (Christian Democratic Union), its Bavarian sister-party the Christian Social Union (CSU), and the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), have finalized a coalition agreement for the formation of a new German government.
After two decades Merkel's CDU party has gained 40 percent of the vote.